Graphic, dynamic and amazingly interactive

Six Degrees provides everything your users need in one screen. No other budgeting software gives managers such a rich choice of tools within a simple and smooth-running interface. Dashboards provide a graphical view of data and allow the user to instantly change variables, construct scenarios and compare outcomes.

Nothing else combines the usability of an app with the ability to display in-depth data at all levels. It’s the perfect tool for bringing a budget to life.

  • Built on the MicroStrategy platform, Six Degrees provides a familiar environment to everyone who has had the benefit of using MicroStrategy’s superb suite of analytic tools.
  • Instead of grids and hard-to-read screens, Six Degrees serves up business intelligence data in graphical form.
  • Everything you need to build a budget is captured in one screen. For example, when viewing revenue the user can check the product mix, sale and cost prices, returns, discounts and much more.
  • Six Degrees planning software is designed to work on today’s mobile smartphones and tablets. There’s no need to confine work to the desktop – now users can review, input, revise and comment from any location.

To arrange a free demonstration of Six Degrees or find out more, contact Six Degrees directly or contact your reseller.

Income Statement screen from Six Degrees