Relax. It’s all taken care of

Six Degrees offers a 24/7/365 web based support desk for all users with a current support agreement, so wherever you are in the world you can log a support request.

All registered users also receive free access to our online resource center. This includes full Six Degrees user documentation, online training, webinars, technical information and access to our support desk.

However, don’t be surprised if you make very little use of these resources. Six Degrees is designed to be very simple to install, customise and use. Taking an ‘app’ approach to the software means we’ve created a budget and forecast planning tool that’s easy to install and work with.

To contact our Service Desk, email

  • Once you are registered as a user you can login for remote support. Most issues can be easily resolved within hours.
  • If you have bought Six Degrees through an authorised MicroStrategy reseller, that reseller may also supply technical training and support.

To arrange a free demonstration of Six Degrees or find out more, contact Six Degrees.

If you are a current user and want to access our support service please visit our support page.