Complete integration with your existing business systems

Six Degrees is a collaborative planning and budgeting solution that works with your existing GL, ERP, CRM, HR systems and data warehouses, on-premises or in the cloud.

Using standard or custom built SSIS routines for automated incremental data updates, or csv files for one off, low volume or infrequent data loads, Six Degrees can connect securely to any data source and ensure your data is up to date and has integrity.

Avoid the need to redesign your systems and spend large amounts on consultants by employing a tool that integrates effortlessly with your existing business tools.

Key software integration capabilities:

  • Six Degrees will connect securely to any data source.
  • No coding is required to load data into Six Degrees budgeting and forecasting software.
  • Import data from any ODBC or csv compliant data source continuously and automatically.
  • Automate scheduled data imports.
  • Eliminate errors of manual data loading.

To arrange a free demonstration of Six Degrees or find out more, contact Six Degrees.