Turning data into decisions

Six Degrees builds on the exceptional analytic and reporting tools that are part of MicroStrategy. What’s good for business intelligence is great for developing a budget, maintaining a forecast, reporting on actuals and variances and much, much more.

Six Degrees is the only budgeting, forecasting and consolidation solution globally that is built on a business intelligence platform, and provides a fresh, innovative approach to budgeting and planning, together with world class analytics and reporting including the ability to drill down to explore the root data in detail.

Managers can see at a glance how their plan relates to expectations, and easily create and compare different scenarios when planning ahead, and utilise the powerful analytics of MicroStrategy to analyse and monitor an organisations plans and performance.

With an in-depth library of visualisations, including heat maps, network diagrams and bubble graphs, you can see at a glance how abstract data relates to reality. This allows your team to easily compare different scenarios when planning ahead.

Key budgeting dashboard capabilities:

  • Nothing beats a dashboard with bright graphical data displays to illuminate information and instantaneously communicate numbers. Six Degrees takes the dashboard capabilities from MicroStrategy and refines them into a solution for budgeting, planning, forecasting and consolidation.
  • Six Degrees provides everything your users need in one screen. No other budgeting software gives managers such a rich choice of tools within a simple and smooth-running interface.
  • Built on the MicroStrategy platform, Six Degrees provides a rich graphical interface, serving up your financial data and business intelligence data in graphical form.
  • Smart graphical customisable dashboards and pre-set controls make it easy for your managers to create and revise plans in real time. Enjoy world class reporting and analytics through the MicroStrategy platform
  • Transform dense and complex information into simple decision points with the benefit of intuitive visualisations and geographic overlays. When information is this easy to grasp, the organisation is free to move decisively into the future.
  • Nothing else combines the functionality and usability of a budgeting application with the ability to display in-depth data at all levels. It’s the perfect tool for bringing a budget or a forecast to life.
  • Everything you need to build a budget is captured in one screen, with the ability to access deeper information for more insights. For example, when viewing revenue the user can drill down to check the product mix, sale and cost prices, returns, discounts and much more.
  • Excel like user interface with full predictive analytics capability, grid phasing spreads, textual annotations, cell details and validations.
  • Budget owners can set target dates for tasks, and track progress with full visibility of task completion and which submissions have been approved.

To arrange a free demonstration of Six Degrees or find out more, contact Six Degrees