Easy to implement, simple to use

If you already run MicroStrategy, you’ll find Six Degrees is the ultimate add-on. It complements your existing Business Intelligence infrastructure with an interactive budget planning software tool. There’s no need to master a new technology or employ expensive specialists.

And if you’re not a MicroStrategy user? No problem. You can still access the rich planning capabilities of Six Degrees as a stand-alone tool. It doesn’t matter where your data comes from – Six Degrees will transform your team’s budget planning process.

Configure any changes needed to reflect your business model, and start gaining the benefits of a web and mobile based budgeting, planning, forecasting and consolidation solution within weeks.

Six Degrees brings 15 years of domain knowledge across multiple industry sectors to deliver a complete ready to go solution.

  • Six Degrees is designed to work with MicroStrategy, so current MicroStrategy users can easily deploy it using the familiar tools.
  • No need to employ consultants or specialists to build a unique financial consolidation system. Six Degrees works out of the box.
  • For enterprises that run a BI system other than MicroStrategy, Six Degrees can be installed as a stand-alone budgeting application that integrates with existing systems.

To arrange a free demonstration of Six Degrees or find out more, contact Six Degrees directly or contact your reseller.