Revenue planning with focus and clarity

Revenue and expenses planning is a critical step in determining your organisation’s strategic direction and overall corporate objectives. Six Degrees provides robust projections, trends, budgets and sales forecasts.

Six Degrees creators Theta brought 15 years of high level enterprise financial planning and business intelligence experience to the software development, ensuring that the solution addresses real-world challenges and requirements.

Utilise Six Degrees revenue and expense planning, including people and assets to evaluate multiple revenue streams to identify profitable and loss making activities, identify opportunities, and plan for the future. Your organisation can use revenue forecasting and scenario planning capabilities to provide data driven projections for products, markets, multiyear plans, budgets and sales plans. Trend lines create a data-based forecast future performance, enabling business plans to be updated, improved and refined continually.

Revenue drivers like price, quantity, units, rate, days, beds and volume feed into an organisation’s revenue drivers and can be easily configured to match your business model. Six Degrees provides essential insight of these key drivers, enabling users to identify problem areas, manipulate business assumptions, and make better business decisions.

  • Work with revenue or expenses however you want.  Use manual data entry, multi period spreads, enter data for top down and middle out breakback, lock periods or accounts to protect mandated data or driver derived data, add notes to any cell, include cell details, and populate cells with predictive analytics.
  • Use one or a combination of top-down, bottom up or middle out process, employing any combination of budget, actual and forecast data as required.
  • Organisation-wide collaboration means users across the group, or the globe, can input their data and see the real-time effects of other parties on revenue and expenses. Everyone is working on the data source at all times.
  • Mobile access any time anywhere enables input from users who are out-of-office at critical times.
  • View data by grid or graph or both in bright, graphic dashboards.
  • Establish centralised assumptions and formulas to create consistency across the organisation.
  • Calculate gross and nett margin or any other metric instantly.
  • Enter revenue by currency amount or by multiple drivers such as units.
  • Select multiple cells which are contiguous or not, and adjust selected values by a variety of methods in one operation.
  • Plan spending and revenue in detail, using unlimited rows, cell notes and attachments to any cell, including actuals and totals.
  • Add multi-level cell detail to hold reasoning and justification for the cell value across single or multiple periods.
  • Use driver based allocations for any expense or revenue line.
  • Utilise validation rules to improve accuracy and reduce rework.
  • Lock rows or columns of cells to protect centrally created or managed data, and follow a full audit trail to cell level.

To arrange a free demonstration of Six Degrees or find out more, contact Six Degrees.