A clearer view of your people

Personnel often account for 70% of a business’s expenditure, so forecasting ability and total visibility into headcount cost is essential, and managing staff efficiently is a critical business process.

The Personnel Planning module in Six Degrees integrates with your existing ERP and HR systems to provide detailed, highly accurate payroll calculations.

The personnel planning software has unlimited capacity for workforce scenario planning, personnel budgets and forecasts, using financial data and non- financial information to manage and predict the impact of changes to staff roles.

  • User based access to flexible payroll reporting gives insight into earnings, department costs, headcount etc.
  • Employ pre-defined automatic personnel calculations including tax, health benefits and salary.
  • Accurately project annual salary, shift and overtime amounts for individual employees, departments or locations.
  • Hold and manage secure detailed information on each employee by cost centre
  • Utilise drivers for taxes, healthcare, retirement contributions and more.
  • Manage staff transfers between cost centres within a workflow, get insight into the effects of role changes
  • Budget and forecast for staff assigned to projects, full or part time.
  • Budget and forecast for new staff, use salary bands or grades for consistency.
  • Handle budgets for staff who are hourly paid or salaried, full or part time employees.
  • International comparisons are simple with automatic currency conversion and role based salary standardisation.

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