Financial analysis, consolidation and planning at your fingertips

Transform your organisation’s financial tasks with a fully integrated software tool that provides crystal clear vision of your financial operations and your bottom line. Six Degrees delivers the financial analysis tools to handle all your financial processes in bright, graphical dashboards with an excel-like interface.

Management and general accounting, receivables and payables management, fixed assets accounting and financial services are all part of Six Degrees out-of-the-box pre-built financial statements.

  • The integrated financial management solution provided by Six Degrees enables your organisation to benefit from the efficiencies of end-to-end automated financial processes.
  • Use financial insights to monitor your bottom line, maximise profits and mitigate risks.
  • View and analyse a complete financial picture of your organisation from a variety of perspectives.
  • Turn complex data into clear graphic presentations for instant understanding.
  • Grasp Income Statements at a glance with graphical account breakdowns.
  • Balance Sheets include common KPI’s, built in displayed graphically.
  • The Cashflow function offers user defined rules and trend graphics.
  • Variance analysis delivers drill functionality and interactive ‘what if’ waterfall capability.
  • All financial statements always current, and fully integrated with each other.
  • Available at all levels of the entity hierarchy on demand.
  • Handles multiple currencies, languages and countries.
  • Effortlessly comply with statutory rules and regulations.

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