Transform budgeting & forecasting with real-time consolidation

Six Degrees provides enterprise wide, collaborative budgeting, forecasting and consolidation which can be implemented quickly and inexpensively.

Consolidation delivers timely visual representation of financial information and ensures the latest numbers are available for any level within the organisation. Real time financial consolidation enables users to drill down to explore details of consolidated figures which are right up to date.

Consolidation is performed dynamically when data is requested, eliminating the need for batch or manual processes which can take time and lead to confusion over which number is right.

Key consolidation capabilities:

  • Consolidated information is rapidly aggregated and shared across the organisation in a standardised consistent format.
  • Dashboards provide a graphical view of data and allow the user to instantly change variables, construct scenarios and compare outcomes, based on consolidated organisation wide information.
  • Dynamic multi entity consolidation at all hierarchy levels means that your budgeting and forecasting process is continually drawing on information up to the latest submissions or data updates.
  • Six Degrees budgeting software is fully interactive. No batch processing is required. Data is continuously validated and checked to ensure you can rely on Six Degrees to inform better decisions.
  • Business rules and processes can be set with a simple click to eliminate repeating manual adjustments such as minority interest calculations and allocations. All consolidated material is tracked and can be analysed when required.
  • Six Degrees incorporates multi-currency input conversion and consolidation with monthly cross rate setting to make budgeting and forecasting easy for multi-national organisations.
  • Working with an international community of users? Six Degrees is available in multiple languages within the one software environment, enabling each user to work in their preferred language.
  • Six Degrees budgeting software can also be easily implemented as a stand-alone tool.

To arrange a free demonstration of Six Degrees or find out more, contact Six Degrees.