Collaborative, dynamic and amazingly interactive

No matter where your managers are based, they can easily collaborate in real time through the multi-user, fully collaborative secure environment provided by Six Degrees planning enterprise level budgeting and forecasting software.

Six Degrees uses a high performance Microsoft SQL Server database specifically designed for budgeting and planning, which provides easy navigation for drill down, reporting and analytics.

Key collaboration capabilities:

  • Six Degrees provides a secure environment where all your stakeholders can contribute to the budgeting and planning processes simultaneously using one common model, providing real time updates.
  • The role based workflow, task and process management capabilities enable full workflow functionality, controlling the budgeting and forecasting process submission and approval for single or multiple signatories.
  • Six Degrees allows the budget manager to pre-set parameters and permissions by user and by role.
  • Your collaborative planning can use pre-set modules to employ top-down or middle out breakback. Depending on what fits your business best, choose to enter data at a high level and automatically allocate it down through your structure from the top or any consolidation node; let lower level team members input data for Six Degrees Planning to consolidate; or both.
  • Managers can create budgets for their direct reports and determine who can see the information, protecting confidential information from particular users or roles.
  • Six Degrees planning software is designed to work on the web and on smartphones and tablets, so there’s no need to confine work to the desktop – users can review, input, revise and comment from any location, any time.

To arrange a free demonstration of Six Degrees or find out more, contact Six Degrees.