What happens in Las Vegas… goes global!

MicroStrategy World was fantastic – let’s build on what we learned

Las vegas signThank you to everyone who joined us at MicroStrategy World to learn about the fantastic analytics capabilities of Six Degrees Planning budgeting, forecasting and planning software – based on MicroStrategy’s leading analytics platform.

“I liked what I saw at MicroStrategy World very much, and now we have had a full demonstration, I like it even more!”

Please contact me if you would like to know more about the innovative Six Degrees Planning, which shows off Kiwi ingenuity at its best, delivering some world firsts with a fresh approach to assisting business in one of the ‘must do’ areas affecting most, if not all of the management team.

We often do online demonstrations for businesses around the world and we’re more than happy to do this for you.

Peter Hanley
CEO, Six Degrees Planning

What happened in Las Vegas


Six Degrees set out to show how MicroStrategy can deliver an enterprise financial performance management solution including planning and forecasting at MicroStrategy World 2014.

If you didn’t get to see how Six Degrees utilises MicroStrategy to deliver a fully functional enterprise budgeting, planning, forecasting and consolidation solution – out of the box, with no additional software and no add ins – we’re happy to provide a personal demonstration online. Just ask, and we’ll arrange it.

Congratulations to Scott Rosenblum, from the Bank of America who left with a bottle of New Zealand wine.

If you missed the amazing GUCCI presentation, you can catch it here.

Top 3 questions from MicroStrategy World

Do you use MicroStrategy Transaction Services?

Yes we do for Six Degrees mobile. We use all of the great functionality available on the MicroStrategy Mobile Platform. For Six Degrees on the web, we have used the API’s and SDK supplied by MicroStrategy to provide new, native functionality for MicroStrategy which provides a very rich visual interface for users which also provides Excel like functionality for working with data.

Do you use a multidimensional OLAP database at the backend?

No, we don’t. There are two primary reasons. We use the MicroStrategy ROLAP engine to provide performance which is at least as good as we could expect if we used a multidimensional OLAP database. Secondly, the Six Degrees database is designed to provide a great end user experience both when data is being entered and consolidated, and also when undertaking reporting and analysis. Using a star schema design, and leveraging the MicroStrategy ROLAP engine lets us give users the best of both worlds.

Can I use Six Degrees on mobile?

Yes, absolutely. The ability of MicroStrategy to design and build once, and then deploy to a wide variety of user devices means that you can use Six Degrees on your laptop or your mobile device, and be certain that all of the data is kept in synch, and has integrity.