Our People

Based in New Zealand, the Six Degrees team has developed an agile approach to business software that enables organisations to do more with less. Using business smarts to identify customers’ common needs, our developers have created an innovative budgeting tool that enables organisations to leverage their existing investment in business software.

With over a decade of experience implementing both BI and performance management software, especially for budgeting and planning, forecasting and consolidation, Six Degrees encompasses all of our domain knowledge gained on real projects. As New Zealander Ernest Rutherford, the father of nuclear physics once said: “Gentlemen, we have no money. We shall have to think.”

Peter Hanley has been deeply involved with business intelligence, data warehousing and financial management solutions for the last 10 years following 30 years in the wider IT industry. Trusted business information, and its ability to make a real difference to business management and profitability is his enduring passion.

Sefton Thesing’s expertise lies with the planning, design and implementation of world-class information solutions for business intelligence, financial planning and data warehousing. To date he has more than 25 years experience in the business information sphere.

Gerry Ryder is a graduate of the University of Canterbury in Computer Science and Mathematics. Gerry has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, working in areas such as Business Intelligence, Financial Planning, Data Warehousing, Software Development, and Project Management. Gerry has led a number of projects to implement budgeting, planning and forecasting solutions.

Find out why Six Degrees enables planning with insight.