Mobilised BI Apps deliver Analytics to the point of action

Rise of the Information-Driven App, Part 4

By Su Young (Alex) Kim on the MicroStrategy Blog

Users Demand Mobile Dashboards

Last year, MicroStrategy conducted a survey on dashboard use among a diverse group of participants. Predictably, 78% of respondents said that they would prefer to access their dashboards via a mobile device. In fact, mobile dashboard delivery was ranked as the most preferred method for receiving, viewing, and interacting with dashboards. Yet, only 28% of respondents have mobilized dashboards; the majority still use desktop machines. Despite the rise of self-service analytics and the increased adoption of mobile devices at large enterprises, users at most organizations remain tethered to desktop machines for their analytics.

The survey results show that as more and more business is conducted on the go, users want access to information at the point of action. Naturally, they view mobile analytics as a next step for many businesses. Information Driven Apps are Most Effective When MobilizedUsers are accustomed to on-the-go information in their personal lives, so it no longer makes sense to expect them to be restricted to a desktop. Having analytics deployed as a native app on smartphones or tablets not only allows for mobility, but it also enhances the capabilities of information-driven apps by making full use of all of the sensor inputs available on mobile devices. The chart below explains the benefits of mobilized apps:

Mobile apps

MicroStrategy – The World’s Best Mobile Analytics, Hands Down

The MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform provides the five mobile must-haves necessary for the most comprehensive apps.

  • Offline Mode – MicroStrategy apps provide full offline support that enables users to download and cache their data and multimedia in advance, allowing users to view their dashboards without an internet connection.
  • Military-Grade Security – MicroStrategy uses sophisticated encryption methods and delivers robust device security, data security, authentication, authorization, and transmission security to make sure that data is safe on all devices.
  • Native App Experience – MicroStrategy mobile lets businesses easily create compelling mobile apps without code or programming.
  • Transactions and Multimedia – The MicroStrategy Mobile App Platform contains an extensive library of mobile-optimized and touch-enabled widgets covering transactions and multimedia.
  • Big Data Performance – MicroStrategy’s sophisticated query engine provides the ability to access any big data and relational source.

 Mobile Information Apps in Action

Let’s explore how mobilized analytics have changed a store manager’s daily tasks. MicroStrategy retail customers are using store operations apps to free the store manager from the back office. With a mobile app, the manager can spend much of his day at the storefront, interacting with his staff and customers and building meaningful relationships. While examining his storefront, he makes use of the camera to scan item barcodes to seamlessly check item sales and stock. He also captures signatures on his device as he completes a sale. Finally, the touch-optimized interface allows him to swipe back and forth between multiple views of his business for quick and easy analytics on the fly.

Traveling executives and field employees are also using mobilized apps to access their data remotely. Taking advantage of offline support, executives can pre-cache their app overnight and evaluate their organizations’ KPIs while on-the-go. Meanwhile, field sales employees are also making use of their mobile device’s GPS functionality to locate customers and prospects near their current location. With the power and speed of mobile analytics, they experience an unprecedented 100x boost in time savings.

Thanks to the constantly increasing power and sophistication of smartphones and tablets, there is no longer any reason for a businessperson to be tied to a physical location. MicroStrategy is committed to providing native mobile applications that give business users an immersive and flexible app experience.