GUESS launches state-of-the-art mobile app for multi-channel customers

GUESS, Inc. has unveiled a new mobile app for its American customers powered by the MicroStrategy Alert Platform. The new GUESS app offers a personalized high-interactivity loyalty channel between GUESS and its customers through their mobile phones.

To see the GUESS mobile app for customers, watch this short video:

The GUESS app is intended to thrill its customers with greater convenience, better customer service, more information and fashion inspiration, and a seamless omni-channel shopping experience that blurs the line between in-store and online shopping.  The new GUESS app merges social loyalty with traditional loyalty by rewarding brand ambassador customers for extending GUESS campaigns and promotions through their social networks (Facebook, Twitter, SMS, or email).

GUESSIn its announcement of its new, recently launched GUESS app, GUESS said: “Reimagined and designed with you in mind, the all-new GUESS mobile app delivers a customized shopping experience right to your mobile device.

  • Connect to your GUESS List account and leave your card at home
  • Access your POINTS, REWARDS, and RECEIPTS anytime, anywhere
  • Earn EXTRA LOYALTY POINTS by socializing with GUESS on Facebook
  • Get CUSTOMIZED OFFERS, event invites, exclusive content and more”

The mobile app will allow GUESS marketers to forge a closer relationship between the brand and its customers. GUESS marketers will be able to introduce new products and to merchandise existing products using high-resolution images and videos.  They can cross-sell and up-sell products based on previous purchases or promotion responses. Using geo-fencing and the deep data analytics in Alert, GUESS will also be able to offer instant promotions to customers that are immediately relevant based on location and previous purchases.

“Our new GUESS app will allow us to engage with our customers in a highly interactive and personalized fashion,” said Michael Relich, COO at GUESS, Inc.  “Our goal is provide our customers with something they will love to use because it is so convenient, easy, feature-rich, and stylish.  At the same time, we wanted to provide our customer relationship team with a wide range of analytic and promotion capabilities to create an immersive and personalized experience.  eCommerce and mobile commerce have become vital parts of the GUESS business, and we are very confident that our Alert app will help us to fuel future growth in these areas.”

“Alert is a mobile app platform that enables retailers to rapidly generate their own branded mobile apps that are packed with state-of-the-art consumer and marketing features, and that are backed by the industrial-strength MicroStrategy Analytics Platform,” said Jonathan Klein, President, MicroStrategy Incorporated.  “Retailers must address the need for a mobile app connection with their customers for loyalty, marketing, and commerce; but very few retailers are prepared to design, code, and deploy a mobile app that links to their loyalty systems, CRM systems, catalogue systems, eCommerce, and social media sites.  Alert does all of that out-of-the-box, with no coding.”

Klein added, “The Alert platform embodies hundreds of engineering years that we can make instantly available to retailers, and since it’s hosted in the MicroStrategy Cloud, retailers can deploy their branded mobile app in a matter of weeks, rather than months or years it takes to do it from scratch.”

NASDAQ said in this article that “due to the proliferation of smartphones and tablets and increasing popularity of online shopping, several U.S. retailers are adopting omni-channel retailing to attract customers irrespective of the shopping channel they prefer. Reports suggest that multichannel customers have a tendency to spend more than regular customers. Response to this concept has been so strong that retailers are actually struggling to fulfill customer demand.” They go on to say that they “believe that developing its omni-channel platform should be among Guess’ top priorities”.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Apparel Market Is Moving Towards Omni-Channel Retailing

The U.S. apparel market is highly saturated with a number of established chains and private label players sparring over prices, quality, fashion trends, and other aspects of the business. Such a competitive environment has limited the room for growth for apparel players, which has forced them to focus on alternate channels such as e-commerce. However, despite the retailers’ efforts and the surge in online retail sales, e-commerce hasn’t grown into a big business for several players such as Gap Inc, American Eagle Outfitters and Guess. The direct-to-consumer business accounts for just 12% of Gap’s revenues and 13% of American Eagle’s revenues. Though Guess does not report the dollar amount of its e-commerce revenues, we believe that it does not contribute much to the company’s sales. In Q3 fiscal 2014, Guess’ comparable sales in North America declined by 5% despite a 33% rise in e-commerce sales.

As a result, retailers are now looking to leverage customers’ online shopping interest to enhance store sales. According to a survey conducted by Retail Systems Research (RSR) in June 2013, around 84% of the retailers polled worldwide believed that creating a consistent customer experience across channels was very important. Moreover, multichannel shoppers have a tendency to spend more than regular shoppers as they have access to a wider product range and additional discounts. Therefore, investing in omni-channel retailing is quite essential for U.S. retailers. An Edgell Knowledge Network survey suggested that a majority of retailers in North America are planning to ramp up their consumer mobile initiatives over the next two years.

However, the current landscape of omni-channel retailing is not well developed in the U.S. According to eMarketer, retailers have been inefficient in coping up with multichannel shoppers’ demands. The RSR survey found that less than one in five respondents reported full synchronization in the 13 most important aspects of omni-channel strategy. This provides a big opportunity for Guess to completely develop its omni-channel platform before its peers and gain a competitive advantage. We believe that the retailer is capable of accomplishing this goal given its aggressive push towards the multichannel platform.