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Corporate performance management – strategy to sustainable performance

According to Price Waterhouse Coopers, organisations struggle mightily to meld their strategic intent with their operations, leaving a gap between the strategy they develop and their ability to execute that strategy in day-to-day business. What’s needed is a better capability to understand the pulse of the organisation – not only what is going on financially,… > Read more

Can you use MicroStrategy for Enterprise Planning? Yes, you can!

Six Degrees uses native MicroStrategy technology to deliver Enterprise Budgeting, Planning and Forecasting in one solution with MicroStrategy Analytics and Reporting. Grab your iPad, download the MicroStrategy App from iTunes if you don’t already have it, and go to to experience MicroStrategy Mobile delivering Enterprise Planning and Analytics anywhere, any time. Check out these… > Read more

Six Degrees Planning: gold sponsors of 2014 CFO Summit

Six Degrees Planning were gold sponsors of the 2014 CFO Summit at Sky City in Auckland today, and provided enterprise budgeting and forecasting software demonstrations to CFOs. Foodstuffs explaining their $150M transformational change project: Here is the Indigo stand with Chris and Sefton all ready to share software and jaffas:

What happens in Las Vegas… goes global!

MicroStrategy World was fantastic – let’s build on what we learned Thank you to everyone who joined us at MicroStrategy World to learn about the fantastic analytics capabilities of Six Degrees Planning budgeting, forecasting and planning software – based on MicroStrategy’s leading analytics platform. “I liked what I saw at MicroStrategy World very much, and… > Read more

Six Degrees Planning attends MicroStrategy World 2014

Can MicroStrategy deliver an enterprise financial performance management solution including planning and forecasting? Visit us on booth 1005 to see how Six Degrees utilises MicroStrategy to deliver a fully functional enterprise budgeting, planning, forecasting and consolidation solution – out of the box, with no additional software and no add-ins. There may be a bottle of… > Read more

Gartner say the benefits of fact-based decision-making are clear to managers

Original article on The CIO focus on business intelligence (BI) and analytics looks set to continue through 2017, according to Gartner, Inc. Gartner said that the benefits of fact-based decision-making are clear to business managers in a broad range of disciplines, including: marketing, sales, supply chain management, manufacturing, engineering, risk management, finance and HR…. > Read more